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10 Sustainable Living Ideas for Your Rochester Home

Rochester Renter Using Eco-Friendly Kitchen ProductsIf you’re searching for a Rochester home that supports sustainable living, you’re not alone. Due to the fact environmental awareness is at an all-time high, it is urging many people to change consumption habits. They are now interested in finding new ways to preserve resources and reuse materials. Beyond their positive impact on the environment, these sustainable habits also influence individual consumption practices. This is the reason why they gaining popularity all over the world. Here are ten ideas that you can use to get started as a renter so that you can have a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Avoid single-use items

It sounds easy, but refraining from single-use items can be a challenge. Some examples of items that are made to be used once and then thrown away would be plastic straws, paper towels, plastic cutlery, and so on. Trimming down the amount of these products you use can be a great first step if you’re just starting out.

2. Opt-out of plastic bags

Plastic shopping bags are another single-use item that is congesting landfills and oceans. While recycling your plastic bags is can be a good start, one should consider opting out of plastic altogether. This can be achieved through the use of reusable shopping bags.

3. Reuse and recycle

A lot of the products we purchase come in containers that could be put to further use or recycled. To give you a picture, you could repurpose glass jars, boxes, and other items to become creative home décor. And things like cardboard, wood, aluminum, and glass can usually be recycled. These are all great means to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

4. Only buy what you need

Aside from reusing and recycling whenever you can, you should also reduce the number of items you buy or opt for bulk items with less packaging. If you only get what you need and try to select containers that take up less space, you simplify your life while making it more sustainable.

5. Make your own cleaning products

Purchasing cleaning products can become a waste because so much of them may not be recyclable or biodegradable. Consider creating your cleaning products to avoid creating waste (and harsh chemicals, to boot). Most items in your home can be cleaned properly with simple ingredients and a soft rag.

6. Bring the outdoors in

Turn to beautiful greenery to brighten and freshen any room. Houseplants not only aid in freshening indoor air, but they also add natural beauty to your home.

7. Utilize natural light

Another great way to get sustainable, renewable energy sources is to allow more natural light into your home. If possible, turn off electric lights and open your blinds and shades to provide light to your home. You can save energy while enjoying a mood boost from the sunlight.

8. Cut down on energy use

Besides turning off lights that are not being used, make sure to also unplugging electrical appliances when they are not being used. Televisions, game systems, lamps, and other gadgets still use electricity even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. By unplugging them, you can reduce your energy use as a whole and save a bit on your utility bills, too.

9. Adjust your thermostat

Maintaining a consistent temperature indoors is a sustainable approach to heating and cooling your home. If you’re thinking you can save money by only using the furnace or air conditioner when you’re home, you’re actually putting strain on your HVAC system if you rapidly heat or cool a house since it can use up a lot of energy. So instead, try setting your thermostat maybe one or two degrees warmer in the summer or a bit cooler in winter, and leave it there. This is would become more efficient and energy-conscious in the long run.

10. Conserve water

Along with conserving energy, one should also think of ways to save water, too. Turning off the taps while brushing your teeth, soaping up in the shower, or washing dishes are some things you should always try to do. You should be using water-conserving appliances whenever possible, and capture and reuse water whenever you can.


Being a renter doesn’t mean you can’t live a sustainable life. But the rental house you are in can either make it easier or harder to meet the sustainability you want. If you’re ready for a rental home that will better support your desired lifestyle, reach out to Real Property Management Seacoast New Hampshire or check out our listings online.

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